Changing Appalachia: From Custom to Cutting Edge  (with Dr. Jean Haskell)  2013-present

Collaborating once again, Jean and I are working with the museums in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia to mount a two-year exhibit (2014-2015) featuring Appalachian life and culture. We hope to help help people re-imagine Appalachia, shifting the paradigm away from the stereotypes of Appalachia that are still held in many people’s minds. Appalachia is, contrary to popular belief, an innovative place, and we can prove it.  The 2014 exhibit will offer examples of the finest and freshest Appalachian art and craft, showing that while log cabins and spinning wheels are certainly part of our tradition in the mountains, so are creativity and innovation: two things that should be more frequently associated with mountain culture. While the 2014 exhibit will showcase the vibrant arts and crafts produced in the region, the 2015 exhibit will focus on work and leisure in Appalachia. During both years, there will be programmatic weekends that underscore the themes of the exhibits. Programs will include literary readings, screenings of films and documentaries, culinary lectures and meals with some of the region’t top chefs, and demonstrations of art and craft. Of course, there will also be much music and dancing.

Traditional Music Producer, Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People. 4-part PBS series. 2009.  (Listed as Katie Doman.)

Co-Chair, Appalachian Section of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Washington DC. 2003.