Empowering people: it’s one of my favorite elements of oral history. I love giving people the opportunity to tell their own stories in their own ways.  Oral history is a powerful tool for enlarging perspective, whether on an individual scale or a much broader one.  There’s a lot of wisdom and experience out there just waiting to be recorded.  I’ve learned some of my most important life lessons from unexpected sources and in surprising contexts–all because I turned on the recorder and invited people to talk.

My interviews may make it look easy, but creating an atmosphere in which the interviewee can relax and tell her story takes a lot of groundwork and preparation. I’m a committed professional, working hard to ensure that I’m providing excellent service whether I am training interviewers in a workshop or recording interviews in the field. Twenty-plus years of experience have given me solid interviewing skills, and I am working hard to make sure I’m abreast of the most recent changes in practice, theory, and technology.

If you’re considering organizing an oral history project, I can help.

Oral history has the potential to:

✔ Connect generations
✔ Foster conflict resolution
✔ Preserve culture and heritage, and
✔ Record and preserve family histories



The McLain Family Band Oral History Project: 50 Years as Kentucky’s Musical Ambassodors

The Nature Camp History Project, Vesuvius, VA

The Woodland Hall History Project, Glade Spring, VA