KatieAppalworks offers a range of customized services, many of them focusing on different aspects of Appalachian culture, history, and heritage and weaving them into programs that educate and entertain. As I work with clients on workshops, performances and lectures, I take into account the unique goals, needs, and personalities of each person I serve. Over the last 20-plus years, I’ve had plenty of  writing and editing experience, having helped create or polish numerous types of documents and texts. This expertise (not to mention my three degrees in English) can be used to your benefit; I do everything from line editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation to a full editing job with consulting on form and content. Contact us for help with:

Research, writing, and editing
● Grants     ● Promotional material   ● Creative writing  
Oral history: training, collection, and documentation
● Community projects  ● Family reunions  ● Workshops 
Educational programs and lectures
● Workshops, assemblies, and classroom activities   ● Teacher in-Service programs  ● Keynote lecture/performances  
Museums and Non-Profits
● Curatorial work   ● The Crooked Road    ● Birthplace of Country Music Museum  ● Create Appalachia
 Event planning, coordination, and management
 ● Meetings ● Reunions ● Workshops